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Santa Barbara Commercial Fund



Santa Barbara Commercial Fund offers short-term commercial loans of up to $10,000,000

(most loans are $500,000-$2,500,000), primarily secured by residential and commercial real estate.  Most loans will require the guarantee of one or multiple sponsors.  SBCFund will consider business loans with other forms of collateral, other than real estate.


Please fill out loan inquiry form below to submit details on your loan request


  1. Applicant submits loan application.

  2. Loan application is assessed.

  3. Letter of Interest (LOI) with preliminary terms offered to client.

  4. Earnest deposit is required upon acceptance of LOI. 

  5. Underwriting & due diligence is performed on completed loan application.

  6. Final loan approval & documentation & recording of necessary security instruments.

  7. Funding of Loan. (From 5-30 business days from completed loan application).



  • Up to 75% Loan to Value on Commercial & Residential Real Estate

  • Minimum “Cash In” of 20% of Project Costs on Development Loans. 

  • 6 months to 5 year maturities.

  • Repayment terms are typically interest only monthly payments with balloon payments due at maturity.

  • Loans may have loan covenants/conditions (i.e. Debt Coverage Ratios, Financial Reporting Provisions, etc.)


SBCFund is committed to servicing clients’ business financing needs in Santa Barbara and surrounding coastal communities.  Loan purposes may include;

  • Real Estate Acquisition

  • Reposition & Improvement (Minor construction)

  • Bridge  

  • Cash Out

  • Construction & Development

  • Estate planning

  • 1031 exchanges

  • Tenant Improvements

  • Equipment & Inventory Purchases

  • Asset Base Lending

  • Permanent Working Capital

  • Partner Buyouts

  • “All In” borrower costs are typically 10-12% per annum.  Pricing offered is risk-adjusted.


1st (Senior) Trust Deeds on real property, SBCFund will consider 2nd (Junior) Trust Deeds.  Personal property collateral will require security agreement & UCC-1 Filing. 

  • Non Owner-Occupied Residential (1-4 units for business purpose; spec or income)

  • Multi-Family (4+ units)

  • Commercial Real Estate (Industrial/Warehouse, Retail, Office, Mixed use)

  • Special Purpose (Hospitality, Mini-Storage, Senior Housing, Medical office, Mobile Home Parks)

  • Agriculture

  • Improved or Entitled Land

  • Personal Property (i.e. Acccounts Receivable, inventory, equipment, etc.)

  • Assignment of Life Insurance

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